Tourist Attractions

Qatar is one of the safest tourist destinations in the world, and tourists enjoy the opportunity to discover the hospitality, spaciousness and originality that characterizes the Arab culture of the country. The website of Qatar Tourism Authority ( is abundant with many of the information of interest to tourists including world-class hotels, tourist attractions, restaurants, beaches, resorts and archaeological sites.


The Qatar peninsula has beaches galore with a 563 kilometer-long sandy coastline with numerous small islets, sand bars and reefs.

Below is a list of some of the most well known beaches, but you can gain access to the sea wherever you want. Just keep in mind not to leave any litter behind you. Many of Qatar’s five star hotels also have lovely sandy beaches but if you are not staying at the hotel there may be a charge.

Enjoy relaxing, swimming, or any water sports on Qatar’s sparkling shores with their exceptionally clear and clean blue water.

  • Al Ghariya (80 km North of Doha)
  • (80 km West of Doha)
  • Fuwairit (80 km North of Doha)
  • Maroona (80 km North of Doha)
  • Beach near The Diplomatic Club (La Plage W. Drive)
  • Ras Abrouq (Bir Zekreet) (70 km West of Doha)
  • Sealine Beach Resort (40 km South of Doha)
  • Simaisma (40 km North of Doha)
  • Umm Bab (90 km West of Doha)


Doha is home to many lush green areas and parks that offer recreation and relaxation. From the perfectly manicured Corniche to the 88 hectare Aspire Park, visitors will find a spot to relax under the shade of trees or by the water, with walkways to enjoy or jogging tracks to burn calories on.

Some of the main parks are as below

  • Museum of Islamic Art Park
  • Aspire Park
  • Dahl Al Hamam Park
  • Al Rumailah Park (Al Bidda Park)
  • Sheraton Park
  • Busamra Park (Previously known as Al Khulaifat Park)
  • Barzan Olympic Park

Natural Landmarks

With the sun shining every day and a surprisingly rich ecology, Qatar offers an engaging natural environment to explore. The surrounding desert provides a great deal of interest and adventure with such natural landmarks as the Dhal Al Misfir, Desert Roses and the Singing Sand Dunes.

  • Dhal Al Misfir
  • Desert Roses
  • The Singing Sand Dunes (40 km southwest of Doha)
  • Al Dakhira Natural Reserves
  • Al Reem-Natural Reserves
  • Ras Abrouq Natural Reserves
  • Khor Al Adaid (80 km south from Doha)-Natural Reserves
  • Umm Tais-Natural Reserves