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MoU signed between Police College and INTERPOL

The Ministry of Interior, represented by the Police College, signed an MoU with the Interpol on the sidelines of the First Major Event Safety and Security Conference.
Major General Dr. Abdullah Yousuf Al-Mal, Advisor to the Minister of the Interior and Vice-President of the Supreme Council of the Police College, and the INTERPOL Mr. Jürgen Stock, Secretary General of the Organization, signed the agreement.
Major General Dr. Abdullah Al-Mal said that since its establishment, the Police College has been instructed by the Prime Minister and the Minister of Interior to use various international academies, colleges and universities and international organizations to promote the college and develop its academic and training curricula.
He noted that the memorandum of understanding signed today between the Police College and the International Criminal Police Organization (INTERPOL) came after talks started two years ago in New York City. It was agreed on the common grounds for implementing programs for students nominated under the supervision of INTERPOL.
The message from the conference is that the world is facing unprecedented levels of global threats, including terrorism, organized crime and emerging cybercrime, so international police cooperation is becoming more important than ever, Interpol Secretary General Interpol said after the signing of the memorandum of understanding.
"It is important that we stand side by side, share and exchange information and help each other develop the capabilities and skills police need to investigate cross-border crimes. This requires us to invest in police education and training, so the cooperation agreement between INTERPOL and the Qatar Police College is critical to capacity building," he said. The protection of major sporting events is a priority for security men around the world and of course we look forward to seeing the 2022 FIFA World Cup here in Qatar.
The Secretary General of INTERPOL said that Qatar is investing a great deal in hosting this event and has important initiatives to develop our tools at the international level, build a global platform to support Interpol and also develop our joint project, "STADIA," which is financed by Qatar. We have built a platform through which many experts around the world can meet not only for law enforcement but also to communicate with the private sector and academics to share their knowledge and help each other prepare and secure these major events, he added.